Apala Series

Submerge (Apalala Clan Book 3)

Submerge (Apalala Clan Book 3) To truly love, one must fully submerge.After her parents death, Elyse was forced to grow up on the streets. She’s a fighter, a battler, a ferocious warrior.Ladon is the third eldest of the dragon brothers. His skills are legendary and he’s undefeated on the battlefield.Sudden flashbacks of stolen memories thrust …

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Depth (Apalala Clan Book 2)

Depth (Apalala Clan Book 2) When true love is at stake, what depth is too deep? After the complete destruction of the clan’s dome, the five dragon warrior brothers were forced to find a new and safe location to form a fresh start. Taryn Miles needs a quick escape from her past, and when the …

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