About me

My characters aren’t mine. There, I said it.

They exist separate to me, in that the stories I write are entirely theirs. I make up nothing. They sit in the driver’s seat, and I merely fill in an incident report on their shenanigans. It’s the only way I know how to do what I do. I experience my writing like a reader, and those WTF moments you all love? Oh yeah, I adore them too…and have been known to totally curse them out for making a stupid choice.

Dzintra Sullivan

Dzintra Sullivan

The #1 International Bestselling author of over 20 books and counting, Dzintra also runs and hosts the successful indie author Podcast, “What the Book!” found on Podbean and Spotify, and co-hosts another indie author podcast, “Talk Wordy 2 Me”

She has been described as a “Twitter Queen” by her contemporaries.

It had always been a dream of hers to write a novel, so in 2014 Dzintra began her writing journey when, with a little bit of self-belief and a lot of pushing from friends, she decided to take the leap – in her words: “so I pulled on my big girl panties, picked up a pen and paper and didn’t look back.” She immediately began writing her first novel, “Arkadia” (Book One of the seven book “Halfway House” series), which went on to hit #1 Best Seller status in under 24 hours!


Began her journey as an author, releasing “Arkadia” Halfway House Book One
“Raven” and “Nevaeh” Halfway House Books 2 & 3 published
“Ashja” and “Mali & Em” Halfway House Books 4 & 5 published
Introduced her readers to a new series: The Apalala Clan, with her first novel in the series, “Immersion”; also released Halfway House Book 6 “Merakai”, and was featured in the anthology, “Paranormal Hotel”
Released book 7 of the Halfway House series, “Rumor”, as well as Apalala Clan book 2, “Depth”; and her first stand-alone novel, “F#cked if I Know”
–Dzintra introduced the world to the Reaper, Kaah Maah in the first book of her Days of Death series, “Once Upon a Death”, in addition to releasing book 3 of the Apalala Clan series, “Submerge”
This was a huge year for Dzintra, she not only released the 4 th book in The Apalala Clan series, “Descent”, but she also released “How to Lose Death in Ten Days” (book 2 of the Days of Death), as well as her 2 nd stand- alone novel, “Murder They Wrote”, and created the “What the Book” podcast!

A prolific author, Dzintra’s Days of Death book 3, “The
Witches of Deathwick” was released in June, and she finished the year strong with the standalone: Stone Washed Wings.

To the delight of her fans, Dzintra released book 5 of the Apalala Clan Series: Engulf, as well as the novella, Dead Boogey Society (part of the forthcoming “Psymon Says” series.

Dzintra is currently working on several new projects, including a new addition to her bestselling series, The Days of Death, coming to her readers soon! She plans on writing until they put the final nail in her coffin, so please join her as she continues her journey spinning fantastic tales for you, the reader, to enjoy.