Stand Alone

Stone Washed Wings

Stone Washed Wings Luci Briggs had it all. Great job, beautiful apartment, hot boyfriend When a strange little man turns up on the day after burying her dad, claiming he’s her biological father; Luci’s life starts to tilt. As the blows keep coming, Luci ends up caught in a biblical tug-of-war for her very soul. …

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F#CKED IF I KNOW The Hamilton’s are known for our wealth, power, and prestige.Being born into the Hamilton family is everyone’s desire. But for me, the one thing money can’t buy is happiness. With my father’s recent outrageous announcement at the family’s annual NYE ball,… I feel like there’s nothing left to do but run.A …

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Murder, they wrote.

Murder, they wrote When WhiteNight, one of the top publishing companies in the world sets up a writing retreat for six of their best-selling, mystery authors, it seems like a wonderful way to reward their biggest money makers. Paul Blake, Avery Banes and Lily Starr have more accolades and awards than most authors combined. They’re …

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