Arkadia (Halfway House Series Book 1)

Arkadia Castner, beautiful, popular, and the most messed-up witch you’ll ever meet. Sent to the Halfway House under the supervision and guidance of Den Mother and telepathic empath, Eloise Mayflower. The Halfway House is the last chance for troubled paranormal teens. Eloise has been empowered to know and feel what the teens need. Making her their instant enemy and ally. Then Bohdan Drak walks in, tall, dark, and so damn sexy it hurts to look at him, sparks fly. He’s a dragon shifter and when their souls meet, Arkadia finds a new reason to fight for a brighter future. Just when Arkadia thought life was good, darkness and despair crept in. She’s been framed for a murder, and everyone believes she’s guilty. Can she trust Bohdan and true love? or is it her destiny to be banished forever