Stone Washed Wings

Stone Washed Wings Luci Briggs had it all. Great job, beautiful apartment, hot boyfriend When a strange little man turns up on the day after burying her dad, claiming he’s her biological father; Luci’s life starts to tilt. As the blows keep coming, Luci ends up caught in a biblical tug-of-war for her very soul. …

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Submerge (Apalala Clan Book 3)

Submerge (Apalala Clan Book 3) To truly love, one must fully submerge.After her parents death, Elyse was forced to grow up on the streets. She’s a fighter, a battler, a ferocious warrior.Ladon is the third eldest of the dragon brothers. His skills are legendary and he’s undefeated on the battlefield.Sudden flashbacks of stolen memories thrust …

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